Hybrid Cleaner for Fairway Clubs

The concept of cleaning your fairway golf clubs without using water is revolutionary!  No more wet golf cart seats or muddy water chambers to clean out.  When debris sticks to your club, clean it before returning it to your bag.  It is convenient, easy to use and is part of the routine of returning your club to your bag.  The Fairway Golf Buddy can speed up play and allow the golfer to have a clean club for every shot.  The dry club cleaner is low maintenance and cleans itself during play.

  club-clean-2Easy Access

Conveniently located on the rear of the golf cart, mounted on the strap bar between the golf bags, the Golf Cart Buddy makes keeping your clubs clean as easy as 1-2-3.

club-clean-3Water Free

Clean your club before returning it to your bag.  When cleaned immediately, no water is necessary. Our rubber brush system quickly removes dirt and debris without the hassle and mess of water.

club-clean-1Speeds Up Play

The Buddy‘s design and location on the golf cart allows the golfer to quickly clean the club and move on to the next shot. 



What golfers are saying:

“I like this!  Are we getting them on all the golf cars?”
P.T.C.C. Ga.

“I’d like to buy one for my own personal golf car.  When will they be available?” M.C.C.Ga.



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