The Fairway GOLF Buddy invites you to experience the pleasure of playing with clean clubs. Your future will be blessed with one of the best golf club cleaners in the golf industry and it will revolutionize the way golf clubs are cleaned. Over 50% of golf strokes are taken between the tee-box and the green, so we wanted to get our club cleaner out where the action is…..In the Fairway! Our golf club cleaner is water-free and is based on the concept, that if the divot is still fresh, fluids are not needed to clean the club. The “Buddy” virtually cleans itself as it is used around the course. After golf it can be washed out at the car-barn or at home with a garden hose. The Fairway Golf Buddy is convenient and can be permanently mounted to any golf-car. Also, with the special portable mounting bracket, it can be installed and removed within seconds on any golf-car in the world. For more information return to the front page and click on category “Products”, the Portable Buddy and the Car Buddy are the first two products listed.

“The Fairway golf Buddy can handle any dirty job”
“The water-less cleaning chamber can remove the divot”
“The golf club is ready for the next shot”

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