Hello Golfers, The 2023 Golf Season is just around the corner and is your golf equipment clean? We have the perfect cleaning system and it can be ordered through this landing page. Scroll down to the "Green Banner" and CLICK HERE TO SHOP to see our products. We have improved our "Trifecta" cleaner system that makes the Buddy golf club cleaner the best in the world. We have 14 new golf equipment cleaners with hundreds of "Custom" options available to the golfer. We are offering product discounts to help kick-off the new season. Place your order by clicking on the "BUY NOW" for the Buddy you want and I will contact you with your discount code. . Thanks, Richard Kawka President/Owner 770-624-6458

The Buddy Golf Club Cleaner

The Number One Club Cleaner in Golf!

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“My friend and I played golf yesterday and we’re paired up with another couple. After a few holes, the man on the other golf car, asked where I got my club cleaner. He observed it being used the rest of the round and stated he was going to get one for his own car. I guess The Buddy sells itself when seen in action.”

- Eddie L., Avid Golfer

“I used my club cleaner for the first time this weekend and loved it. The location made it easy to clean my club and return it to my bag. It rained the night before and the cleaner did a great job of removing all the damp dirt and clippings from my club. Then I used a towel to dry my club before it went into my bag.”

- Tiger, Avid Golfer

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We are an American company located in Powder Springs Ga. We use American manufacturers and American material suppliers. We sell directly to our “Golfing Customers’ & the Golf Product Distributors through this website