The inventor and CEO is Richard Dean Kawka. The Fairway Golf Buddy idea was conceived in 2008 at country club in north Georgia. The U.S. Patent office issued patent No. 8,196,250 to Richard on June 12, 2012. The FairwayGolfBuddy, LLC formed in 2014 as the “Mother Company” responsible for operations and Sales. The first two years after receiving the patent was devoted to research, development and market testing the “Buddy” in the golf industry. Prototypes were mounted to golf course fleet golf cars to see how our new club cleaner would be accepted by the golfers. They really liked the water-less feature and offered a lot of positive feedback on where some changes may improve its performance. Richard followed up on their advice and now we have the best golf club cleaner in the golf industry. We are an American company located in Powder Springs Georgia. The Murray Plastics company, of Gainesville Georgia, manufactures the “Buddy” parts and ships them out from their facility. The rubber brushes are supplied to us from the Mykin Corp. in Michigan. The hardware is purchased in Chicago, Illinois. We sell directly to golfers from our website. You can go to our “Store” and purchase one that works for you. We also sell “Business to Business” and invite all golf industry companies to contact us and register your company with us. You can call Dick at 770-624-6458 or email him at dick@thefairwaygolfbuddy.com for more information.

Dick Kawka
Inventor, President, Owner

As inventor, president and owner, Dick Kawka has been instrumental in all phases of The Fairway Golf Buddy development from concept to the final product. He has 18 years of manufacturing experience in product cost, industrial engineering and corporate sales. He was part of various development companies who built resort complexes from the Florida Keys to the Alabama gulf coast. He is a Real Estate broker and has owned and worked for several R/E companies in Alabama, Florida and Georgia. Dick has retired but will be instrumental in implementing “The Fairway Golf Buddy” company for the future business of the “Buddy”.

Bruce Kyburz
Vice President, Owner

Bruce is one of the patent owners and VP of The Fairway Golf Buddy Company since 2009. Bruce and Dick worked together to make the Fairway Golf Buddy dream come true. The patent was issued in June of 2012.  Bruce practiced Urology as a doctor in Marietta, Georgia for 46 years and has recently retired. He was instrumental in starting the Urology Associates of Ga. in 1967.  Today, Bruce spends most of his time with his wife Jane, his five children and their 13 grandchildren. When not on the golf course, he is working as the Vice President of The Fairway Golf Buddy Company.

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