U.S. PATENT #8,196,250

The U.S. Patent for the fairway club cleaner is very broad in it’s claims. The reason for this is, our club cleaner is the only dry cleaning chamber where the club entry portals are on the side of the unit. Most of the competitive cleaners, in the golf industry, contain fluid to clean golf clubs and golf balls. Thus a side entry portal does not work for them.

The design of The Buddy has proven that, if the club is cleaned immediately after it gets dirty, water isn’t needed to clean the club head. Our patent claims that the chamber can have as many openings as needed as long as it is located on the cleaning chamber side. We do not have a U.S. Design Patent because the side entry claim allows the cleaning chamber to take on many shapes and sizes. This opens the “Buddy’s” future market into push/pull carts and golf bags.

Our club cleaner cannot be copied.  U.S. Patent#8,196,250 will keep out like-designed cleaners in the golf industry. There are about six golf club and/or ball cleaners in the golf accessory market. They all vary slightly from the original club cleaner U.S. Patent#4,965,906 by inventor Edward Mauro in 1990. This cleaner is marketed by  in the Tampa Fl. Area. This cleaner and like cleaners are being sold to the golf car manufacturers and the golf warehouses.


comparisonThe “WET” club cleaner has water in the cleaning chamber. This has been shown to cause issues with water leakage and freezing.  The water often spills out onto the car seat when driving the golf car down hills or over bumps. Often, the maintenance crew does not maintain the cleaner throughout the day so the water may be dirty, frozen, or too low to use. The cleaner can be inconvenient to use and slow down play on the golf course.

The “DRY” golf club cleaner is our fairway club cleaner. It is designed to clean fairway clubs right after the golfer hits their golf ball. It is convenient and easy to use. The cleaner location makes the “Buddy” part of the motion golfers use to return their clubs to their golf bag. The dry cleaner brushes in the chamber cleans off the debris before it hardens. As dirt and clippings accumulate inside, the debris exits out the waist portals. The “Buddy” can also be cleaned out with a hose. Time studies have been conducted to prove the golfer uses less time using the dry club  cleaner as compared to the wet cleaners.  Our brushes are also made of soft rubber that will not scratch or damage the club head.

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