What does The Fairway Golf Buddy Company do?
We manufacture and sell the best dry fairway club cleaner on the market. Currently we have the Golf Cart Buddy, the Golf Range Buddy, and the Golf Tee Buddy available for sale. We anticipate bringing several other versions of The Buddy to market in late 2015. These additional versions are currently in research and development and market testing.

Where is The Fairway Golf Buddy Headquartered?
Our offices are located in Powder Springs, Georgia and our products are manufactured in Georgia and Michigan.

Who owns The Fairway Golf Buddy?
The patent is owned by Dick Kawka (the inventor) and Bruce Kyburz MD. The company is FGBPO,LLC (Dba) Fairway Golf Buddy Patent Owners.

Where can I learn more about the Patent?
The U.S. Patent (#8,196,250) for the fairway club cleaner is very broad in its claims. The reason for this is, our club cleaner is the only dry cleaning chamber where the club entry portals are on the side of the unit. Most of the competitive cleaners, in the golf industry, hand held or contain fluid to clean golf clubs and golf balls. Thus a side entry portal does not work for them. Click here for more information.

What pre-market testing was conducted?
MARKET TESTING: In 2013 &2015 we market tested the “Buddy” at several golf courses and Country Clubs located northwest of Atlanta. As the golfers used our golf car mounted club cleaner, their feedback was used to modify and redesign the “Buddy” to what it is today. The golf course personnel also contributed to our market test modifications.

FATIGUE TESTING: To measure the durability of the Fairway Golf Buddy, we conducted our own fatigue test. The “Buddy’s” assembled joints, the plastic polycarbonate material and the EPDM rubber brushes had to endure 66,000 strokes of a two iron being cleaned by a reciprocating machine. We passed with flying colors! You can visit our website to see the full video of the testing.


How does this compare to other club cleaners now being used in the golf industry?
What differentiates our golf club cleaner from those currently in the market is our water-free side entry. Other cleaners open at the top and use water with their brushes to clean the club. The Fairway Golf Buddy uses durable rubber brushes to gently massage & clean the club head without water. No water is necessary when the golfer immediately cleans their clubs before any dirt or debris has a chance to dry.

Why is it called the fairway club cleaner?
It’s called the “Fairway club cleaner” because that’s where your clubs get dirty. When a club is immediately cleaned in the fairway while the debris is still fresh on the head of the club, the cleaning job will be easier. Our fairway club cleaner uses soft rubber brushes to remove the dirt from the club head. It is water-free.

Why would our golf course purchase The Fairway Golf Buddy for our golf carts?
Our product is new to the market and can demonstrate to your members that you are dedicated to bringing them the latest golf technology. With The Fairway Golf Buddy, your members will not encounter any of the issues related to the wet cleaners (i.e. leaks onto the golf car, dirty contaminated water, etc.). The Golf Cart Buddy can also speed up play due to its convenient location on the golf car. Of course, the faster golfers are able to move on to their next shot, the more rounds of golf can be played on the course each day. Finally, maintaining The Buddy is a simple step in the daily maintenance of your golf cars. Simply spray The Buddy with water as you wash down the golf cart at the end of the day. We conducted a time study comparing a golfer using a wet club cleaner and another golfer using the “Buddy” to clean their clubs.

Why would we purchase the Golf Range Buddy for our existing range stands?
The Golf Range Buddy provides a convenient way for the golfer to clean their club after every practice session – while on the golf range. Mounted directly to your existing range stands, The Buddy requires no water so there is minimal maintenance and no concerns with water leaking onto the golfer’s equipment. Many golf ranges use wet cleaners or even simple water buckets for the golfer to dip their club into for cleaning. The Buddy offers a superior, water free option for club cleaning. At the end of the day, The Buddy can be removed from the range stand for easy cleaning and storage in the maintenance shed.

What is the product made of?

The Fairway Golf Buddy is made up 5 manufactured parts:

  • The front housing – Black high strength polycarbonate plastic.
  • The back housing – Black high strength polycarbonate plastic.
  • The H-channel – Black high strength polycarbonate plastic.
  • The universal mounting bracket – Black high strength polycarbonate plastic.
  • The interior rubber brush – Extreme climate tolerant EPDM-70A rubber

These parts are assembled using the finest U.S. steel hardware products.

Who manufacturers The Fairway golf Buddy?
We have partnered with two American Manufactures – Murray Plastics Inc. and Mykin Inc. Murray Plastics is located in Gainesville, Georgia. Murray Platics Inc. manufactures and assembles the polycarbonate parts that make up the main components of The Buddy. Mykin Inc. is located in Michigan and supplies the EPDM brushes for the inside of The Buddy. Although supplied by Mykin, the rubber brushes are manufactured in China.

How is The Golf Range Buddy different than the Golf Cart Buddy?
The same “Buddy” is used for both the Golf Cart Buddy and the Golf Range Buddy. Depending on the application, The Buddy can be positioned at various heights, be inverted and turned sideways. The rear housing with the rubber brush can be turned upside with the same cleaning results.

Will The Buddy fit on all golf cars or range stands?
Yes, we have connectors to allow The Buddy to fit on any golf car and most range stands. However, when placing your order our customer service representative will verify the make and model of your golf car or range stand to guarantee you receive the correct hardware fittings to connect The Buddy.


When will the Buddy be available for sale?
The Buddy is available now for sale on our website and our distributor –

How much does it cost and are there quantity price breaks available?
The Fairway Golf Buddy is competitively priced at $68.95. We will be offering discounts and promotions at different times throughout the year at different golf festivals and tournaments. These will be announced both on the website and via email.

Where can I purchase The Fairway Golf Buddy?
Currently we are taking orders directly on-line and through our customer toll-free number (844-CLN-CLUB).

Is The Fairway Golf Buddy available world-wide?
Initially we will be marketing The Buddy only to the US Market. However, we are currently in discussion with golf course owners in Europe and Africa that are interested in purchasing The Golf Cart Buddy. Ultimately we plan to offer the Golf Buddy world-wide.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes. Please contact us and we will work directly with your purchasing department to provide the paperwork required.

How soon after placing my order will you ship my order?
Please see our Shipping Policy in our Terms & Conditions.

Can I purchase some samples to try out on my driving range and golf carts?
Absolutely! The best way to make sure The Buddy will work for you and be well received by your golf course members is to purchase a few to try. We do not have a minimum order – so you can purchase one or two units. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you as you introduce The Buddy to your membership. Please discuss this with our sales or customer service representative so we can provide you with complimentary marketing materials that you can use to market and test The Buddy with your membership.

Do you offer a product warranty?
Please see our Product Warranty in our Terms & Conditions.

Can I purchase replacement parts?
Yes. We offer replacement parts. Call and speak to a customer service representative to identify the part you need and associated costs.

Who can I contact about The Fairway Golf Buddy products?
Please contact us directly with questions or to purchase product.

How can I find out if there are any promotions or product updates?
Our website always showcases our latest promotions and discounts. In addition, when reviewing your order, our customer service representative will discuss any promotions or discounts you qualify for and can take advantage of.

What is your return policy?
Please refer to our Return Policy in our Terms & Conditions.


How difficult is it to install The Buddy on my golf cart?
The Golf Cart Buddy is designed to be easily installed in 12 easy steps. Our Installation Guide provides detailed instructions and is available on our website to view and download. A copy of the Instruction Guide is emailed along with your order invoice.  If you need additional instruction or assistance, our customer service representatives can answer any specific questions or concerns you may have.

Can the Golf Cart Buddy be used on any golf cart?
At this time, we have model installation kits for Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, and International golf carts. However, we will create installation kits for other makes and models of golf cart when we receive requests to do so. The design of The Buddy allows for a simple modification of the installation kit in order to fit a variety of golf carts.

Is the strap bar the only place the cleaner can be mounted to the golf cart?
After extensive market testing, we found the location on the back of the golf cart provided the golfer with the most convenient way to clean their club after every stroke. Initially the Golf Cart Buddy was tested on the fender of the cart – similar to the location used by the wet club cleaners currently available. However, because The Buddy doesn’t use water to clean clubs, it could be placed between the golf bags on the back of the golf cart. This location is not only convenient, but can also speed up play allowing golfers to quickly clean their club, place it in their bag, and move on to their next shot.

How is The Buddy cleaned and maintained?
Maintaining The Buddy is a simple step in the daily maintenance of your golf cars and range stands. When golfers use The Buddy, the rubber brushes remove debris, dirt and grass clippings which fall into The Buddy chamber. As the golf cart is driven around the course, the travel vibration allows the debris to exit out the louvers on the back of the cleaning chamber. Simply spray The Buddy with water to rinse the brushes at the end of the day. The water and debris will drain from the side opening, as well as the louvers on the back edges of the rear housing. Unlike the wet cleaners on the market, there is no dirty water that needs to be drained and replaced at the end of the day – or worse yet leak onto the golfer’s clothes or equipment.