Have you ever given any thought to how we are able to play a round of golf on so many beautiful green manicured courses? As the inventor of my dry club cleaner, I realized there is a price we have to pay to have our golf courses in such magnificent shape. I wouldn’t change a thing…except how I clean my club after using it.

The debris, which sticks to the head of my golf club, needs to be removed before using the club again. That’s why we strap a towel to our cart, bag or belt. The problem is, we have to hold that towel to wipe the dirt off our club. “Not a healthy procedure!’ The towel absorbs the moisture and treated dirt, which is transferred to our hands and the exposure begins. The problem is, the game requires this exposure in order to play golf. Well, if that’s the nature of the beast, let’s look for a way to minimize the exposure.

This is where my “Fairway club cleaner” can do the job of removing the majority of dirt off your club without you touching your towel. As you place your dirty club into the cleaning chamber, most of the debris is knocked off and falls to the ground, not touching your hands. The rest of the dirt and grass clippings fall into the chamber to be rinsed out after play. At that time, if there is any moisture or debris remaining on the club, it can be cleaned using a small towel attached to the club cleaner.

Ground maintenance and treatments are prerequisites to a beautiful course. You probably haven’t given much thought as to how these course enhancements stick to your towel…but you should. The buddy will minimize your personal towel use and is a healthier way to clean your club. The quote below, from a golf towel supplier, is a perfect example of the exposure problem a golfer faces during their round of golf.

“Golfers love to use our sweat towels, out on the course, whether they are wiping off their face or wiping off their seat or clubs”.
(*Quote from www.ercwipe.com/golf-towel.html advertisement.)

Dick Kawka