Do you use your golf car to play golf?    Now you can get your own club cleaner mounted on your golf car’s strap-bar and use it to clean your dirty clubs. WOW! Introducing:  A Hybrid Cleaner for your Fairway Golf Clubs, “The Buddy”

The Fairway Golf Buddy is a special hybrid cleaner for fairway golf clubs. It is designed to clean Irons & smaller fairway hybrids/rescue clubs. Water is not necessary to remove the dirt because it is still fresh and can be cleaned with the hybrid “Buddy” before returning it to your bag. It is mounted on the strap-bar, between and slightly higher than the golf bags.


When using your golf car to play golf, the hybrid “Buddy” is near you at all times. If you have to leave the golf car to go to your ball in the fairway, the portable groove cleaner can be carried with you to clean your club as needed. Whether your pitching on to the green, using a fairway iron to reach the green or blasting you’re your ball out of a bunker, the hybrid “Buddy” is near. Not every shot requires a club cleaning but the hybrid “Buddy” is convenient to use if necessary. When returning you club to your golf bag and debris is stuck to your club head, the hybrid “Buddy” is on the strap-bar to use before moving on to your next shot.


Water isn’t required to clean your golf club with the hybrid “Buddy.” While in the fairway, when you get any debris on your club head, insert it into the hybrid cleaning chamber and let the rubber brushes massage and clean it for you. If there is a big divot buildup on the club head, most of it will fall off as it passes through the portal curtain. Once inside, move the club head in a back & forward motion, exerting a little downward pressure on the club face. If there is still debris on the club head, because of wet & soggy conditions, your groove cleaner and towel can finish-up the cleaning process. Most of the debris that falls into the cleaning chamber will vibrate out through the rear louvers as the golf car is driven. When you get home, the cleaning chamber can easily be removed from the mounting brackets and rinsed out with a garden hose. Re-mount the hybrid “Buddy” on the strap bar between your bags and you’re ready for your next round of golf.


We stepped out of the club-cleaner-box with our new water-free concept. Our golf club cleaner is different from every other club cleaner in the golf industry.  We offer the golf car owner something special with our cleaner.  The hybrid “Buddy” is a collage of parts and ideas that make up the design from many different club cleaners. Our hybrid cleaner is located on the strap-bar, between & above the golf bags. It doesn’t look like any other club cleaner and its water-free. We know, if a golfer cleans his club immediately after taking his shot, any fresh debris left on the club can be removed without using water. It is conveniently located, easy to use and has a groove cleaner to remove any stubborn dirt if necessary. Finally, you can dry with a towel if wet.


Ball control is the “Key’ to lowering your handicap. Propelling an object into space and controlling it depends on several outside factors. In many sports, various objects are suspended temporarily in the air to guide it to a specific target. In-order to hit the intended target velocity, spin and gravity become part of the equation. A knuckleball baseball pitcher’s effectiveness in trying to strike out the batter is in the movement of the ball. When throwing a baseball, very little ball spin is generated by a knuckle-baller. After he releases it, the flight of the ball is moving erratically in space because of velocity, air resistance and gravity.

The same results will occur to your golf ball if there were no grooves on the face of a golf club. As the club face impacts the ball, in the process of hitting it, the grooves act as horizontal ledgers placing a reverse spin on the projectile. If the club face is 90 degrees to the ball at impact, the results will likely be a straight projection. Any deviation from the 90 degrees at impact will cause the ball to travel left or right which is called a “Fade” or a “Draw.” A golfer can purposely draw or fade their golf ball by performing various angle adjustments, of the club face, as it makes contact with the ball. Backspin is one of the functions a golfer may want to achieve to control the movement of the ball once it lands on the putting green. Fading or drawing a golf ball  can be good or bad for the golfer. The degree of making the ball do what the golfer wants it to do results in having a clean golf club and a clean golf ball. Any foreign objects, ending up between the golf ball and the club face, will cause the golfer to lose control over the flight of his golf ball.

This is why club maintenance, throughout a round of golf, is so important. Our hybrid cleaner for fairway clubs makes the club cleaning operation convenient and easy. The weather and golf course maintenance, play an important role in the condition of the fairway turf. There may be some rounds where you may only have to clean your clubs a couple times and the hybrid “Buddy” is there when you need it. Other rounds of golf may require using of our hybrid cleaner more often. In all cases, it is mandatory to have clean golf clubs for ball-striking consistency in the game of golf.

Our hybrid cleaning concept is multi-level.

  1. If there is a large divot on your club face, using the hybrid Buddy’s internal rubber brushes will remove most of the dirt.
  2.  If some debris remains on the club after cleaning, the hybrid Buddy’s external groove cleaner will finish-up the job.
  3. If the fairway is wet due to sprinklers or rain. A drying towel can be used before bagging your club.


Our new Remote and Mounted Groove Cleaners

Now you will have the final solution to cleaning your clubs in the fairway. Our hybrid cleaner for fairway golf clubs continues to improve your club cleaning experience. When you purchase our hybrid “Buddy,” we will include both the Remote and Mounted groove cleaners. One can be permanently attached to the bottom-side of the cleaning chamber and the other one stays with you when you have to leave your golf car. It fits into your pocket or it can be attached to your clothes. If your club gets dirty during your practice swings, the groove cleaner will be with you. After golf and after you wash-out the hybrid “Buddy” with a garden hose, the remote groove cleaner can be cleaned and stuck into the chamber’s rubber brush to use next time you play golf. We expect the groove cleaner’s nylon brush to wear out eventually, and replacements will be available through our web-store.