In the last few years we have market tested the hybrid “Buddy” at several golf courses in the Florida and Georgia area. The feed-back we received from many golfers was instrumental in helping us design the best hybrid cleaner in the golf industry today.  Listed below are some market test testimonials and from some of our current owners who have installed and are using the hybrid “Buddy” on their own golf cars.

(1) “Dick, My friend and I played golf yesterday and we were paired up with another couple. After a few holes, the man on the other golf car, asked me where I got my club cleaner. I told him I purchased it a couple days ago and we were trying it out. They observed it being used the rest of the round and stated, “he was going to get one for his own car.” I guess the Fairway Golf Buddy sells itself when seen in action. E.L. L.L FLORIDA

(2) “I used my club cleaner for the first time this weekend and loved it. Its location reminded me to clean my club as I was returning it to my bag. It rained the night before and it did a great job in getting the dirt off. I had to use my towel a couple times after your cleaner because the ground was so wet. I’m going to show it off every time I play golf. Thanks, T.W.T.V

(3)” I like this! Are we getting them on all our golf carts?” Member of P.T.Country Club.GA..

(4) “I would like to buy one for my own personal golf car. When will they be available?” Member of M. Country Club. Ga.

(5) “I love my buddy! Works great and my handicap went down 2 points. Clean clubs make a difference.” Pete & Arlene Fl.

(6) “Hi Dick, here are a couple photos of my Golf Buddy and a short video of it being used. It works great keeping the dirt, grass and sand off my irons. Haven’t used my rag since I bought it. Couldn’t text this to you so I had to email. Thanks ALB