FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

With any new product entering the golf accessory market, golfers have a lot of questions. The avid golfer is always searching for the one “Miracle Gadget” that will help him shave strokes off his score. Here are some of the every-day questions we are asked so we listed them for your curious mind:

What does the “The Fairway Golf Buddy Inc. do?

We build the “Best Golf Club Cleaning System in the World!”

Why do you use the word “Fairway” in company’s description?

That’s where your golf clubs get dirty…..in the “Fairway.”

Why do you feel your golf club cleaners are the best in the world?

They were designed from the golfer’s feed-back to us through 4 years of testing.

Why shouldn’t I use my towel or an ordinary club cleaner to clean my clubs?

A dirty towel isn’t healthy for you and their brush material may damage your clubs.

Why are some of your club cleaners mounted to a golf car?

You are spending 60% of your time on a golf-car & your golf clubs 100%.

Why don’t your cleaners use water/fluids to clean my dirty clubs?

If the divot or dirt is fresh and not dried to the club, fluids aren’t necessary.

Why do you use a rubber brush to clean my clubs?

EPDM rubber will not crystalize and break-off or scratch my golf clubs.

Where does the dirt go when it enters the cleaning-chamber?

The chamber dirt vibrates out as the golf-car is used or it can be hosed-out at home.

How durable are your golf club cleaners?

We used a 5 iron in the cleaning chamber thru 60,000 strokes. Passed 100% great.

Where can I purchase one of you golf club cleaners.

All of our products are available in our website store. Register Now!