If you own a golf car and use it to play golf, the “Golf Car Buddy” is for you.

Permanently Mounted
Conveniently Located
Detachable for washing
Water-Free System

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This Buddy club cleaner is permanently mounted to a golfer’s own golf-car. It is used by the golfer(s) as they use their Golf Car to play on allowing golf courses. It has the normal “Buddy” cleaning chamber & uses two special brackets to mount on the strap-bar.
The “Golf Car Buddy” is specifically designed to be permanently mounted on the golf bag strap bar located behind the sweater basket on a golf-car. There are about six versions of sweater baskets installed on golf-cars. The “Golf Car Buddy” is shipped with an install-guide & can be downloaded on this website.

“Always mount a “Golf Car Buddy” on your golf-car!”

The Golf Car Buddy is used to clean fairway golf clubs. Located on the strap bar the “Golf Car Buddy” is convenient to use before returning your club to your bag. Water is not needed because the dirt is fresh and can be removed easily. Any dirt left in the “Buddy” will vibrate out as the golf-car is driven.

“Always have a clean club for your next shot!”

Some debris tends to accumulate in the cleaning chamber as rounds of golf are played. The “Golf Car Buddy” chamber can be removed with an inside release latch and can be cleaned using a water hose.

“Always have a clean “Golf Car Buddy” for your next golf game!”

Installation Frequently Asked Questions

I install my “Cold Weather Package” every fall on my golf car and my Golf Car Buddy isn’t accessible because the rear flap is in the way. What can I do?
Great question! There is an easy solution. We do sell the “Traveler” mounting bracket assembly which can be attached to the cleaning chamber with a couple of screws. The bracket will open up a lot of alternative locations to mount your Golf Car Buddy.
My golf car make and model isn’t listed in your installation guide, can the “Golf Car Buddy” still be mounted to the Strap-bar?
Most golf cars manufactured around the world have a sweater basket and strap-bar very similar to the American golf cars. Contact us if you need assistance on your installation.
My hand is too large for pushing the latch inside the cleaner chamber. How can I get it off to wash it?
Use plyers to pull out the rear release latch while lifting up on the chamber. After cleaning, lower the unit onto the bracket until you hear it click.
I have a customized 4-seater golf car. I have the golf bag attachment kits mounted to the arm rest. Where can I attach the Golf-Car Buddy in the second seat area?
The grab-bar is the most popular location although the arm rests work too but they will be a permanent mount…Our new “Traveler” has a portable bracket and it can be mounted & un-mounted in a few seconds. We do sell the Traveler bracket separately in our web store.