It travels with the golfer who uses a golf car to play golf.

Easy-on & Easy Off Bracket
Mounts to any golf car in seconds
Mounts Vertically & Horizontally
Water-Free System

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This Buddy club cleaner is portable and can be mounted to any golf-car in the world. The golfer owned “Traveler” temporarily attaches to a golf course fleet-car and is removed when the round is over. It has the normal “Buddy” cleaning chamber that uses a special (Easy-on & Easy-off) bracket. The “Traveler” mounts and un-mount in seconds.

The “Golf Buddy Traveler” is portable and temporary. It is owned by golfers and they can take it with them when they play golf. It mounts to the frame of any golf car and no screws or tools are needed to install. On the golf car, locate a place to mount the “Traveler.” With the cleaner brush facing out, fasten the rear u-bracket to any convenient square channel. Tighten the knob until snug and adjust the brush housing until level. To remove, reverse the installation & store with clubs.

“Always install your “Traveler” to the golf car you are using!”

The “Golf Buddy Traveler” is used to clean fairway golf clubs. Place the water-free “Traveler” where it is convenient for you. Dirty irons need to be cleaned after each use. Insert the club head in and out of the brush chamber until the debris is totally removed. Use a drying towel for tough dirt and moisture.

“Always have a clean club for your next shot!”

Some debris tends to accumulate in the cleaning chamber as rounds of golf are played. Store the “Traveler” with your clubs and other golf equipment. When it’s convenient, rinse out the brush chamber.

“Always have a clean “Traveler” for your next round of golf!”

Installation Frequently Asked Questions

I just used my “Golf Car Traveler for the first time and from your customer feed-back, what is the most popular location to mount it?

The jury is still out on the answer to that question. “Mount it where it works best for you!” There are so many locations available.

Do golf courses restrict using the “Traveler” on their fleet cars?

The rear mounting bracket will not damage the golf car in any way as long as it is installed as instructed. A few courses may have rules about attaching products to their fleet cars but tell them it’s a temporary mount and is removed when you’re through playing golf.

When & where is the best time/place to mount the “Traveler” to a golf car?

The course parking lot makes the most sense because your clubs are usually in the trunk of your car. It only takes a few seconds to mount & un-mount and you won’t be in anybody’s way. Really, the “Traveler” can be mounted any time during your golf game.

How do I keep from leaving the “Traveler” mounted to the golf car I used?

No good answer. You may want to paint/etch your phone number onto it.