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It is our hand-held version, carried or attached and easy to use.

Hand-held Carried or Attached
Nylon Brush Removes Debris
Steel Point cleans club grooves
Easy to use

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This Buddy club cleaner is a personal hand-held fairway golf club cleaner. It will do your club cleaning chores for you when and where you want to use it.  Its hybrid design offers a compact extruded plastic body with added features you will need to clean your clubs.  The soft nylon brush, the steel groove cleaner, the Velcro-strip and the spring-loaded hasp will be your “Li’l Golf Buddy” where ever you go.

The Li’l Golf Buddy attaches to the “Buddy” cleaning chamber. It will fit into your pocket & hook onto most items such as; belt loops, golf bags and hand-bags. Take it with you when you have to leave the golf car… to play your ball. If you use a push-pull golf cart or carry you clubs…….

“The Li’l Golf Buddy can be with you for every fairway shot!”

The Li’l Golf Buddy is easy to use and can with you through-out your round. It is compact and has no leaking fluids to mess up your golf attire. Use the brush and groove cleaner as needed. A golf tee can be stored in the handle opposite the groove point.

The Li’l Golf Buddy is durable & be washed anytime during or after golf.

Installation Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is the best time/place to use the Li’l Golf Buddy.

The hand-held club cleaner can be used any time or place to clean your golf clubs. The most popular time is when you have to leave the golf car to play your shot. The Par-3 tee box is a favorite place to use the Li’l Golf Buddy because some golfers take divots with their shots.

How is the Li’l Golf Buddy’s groove cleaner used to clean my golf club.

Golf clubs have grooves to help control the flight of the golf ball. Check the golf industry rules on how to clean golf club grooves. Club face grooves are specifically designed by the manufacturer to the golf industry’s specifications and should not be altered. The point on the Li’l Golf Buddy should only be used to remove the dirt build-up.